Ballet Misha

Ballet Misha is a non-profit performing dance company that was founded by Amy Fortier in 2008. The company is named in memorial of Michele Leslie, an amazing dancer and founder of the Dimensions in Dance school, and aims to further Michele Leslie's efforts to bring quality dance training and performance opportunities to the greater Manchester area.

At the core of Ballet Misha's mission statement as a non profit arts organization is the goal of increasing positive exposure to the art of dance in New Hampshire by offering professional caliber productions, free performances, and collaborative projects with other arts organizations.  Because New Hampshire is one of the only states without a resident professional dance company, Ballet Misha aims to fill the void by offering the community professional dance performances while also giving dancers of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds an opportunity to grow and improve as dancers and performers.  Ballet Misha is one of the only dance companies in the state with adult dancers.  The majority of the other dance companies are youth companies limited to dancers 18 and under.  Ballet Misha has become the home to many dancers who have spent their lives pursuing and perfecting this art form, only to graduate high school or college and no longer have a place to dance or perform. 

Ballet Misha's production of The Nutcracker was voted 2012's Best Art Event of the Year by readers of the Hippo Press.    Ballet Misha has worked with other non profit arts organizations in the Manchester area and has given free performances at the Currier Museum of Art and at benefits for  the Manchester Community Music School.  Ballet Misha has gone into different local schools to offer free performances, as well as many different retirement communities and nursing homes.  Ballet Misha has also given free public performances at the Manchester Public Library and in the Barnes and Noble children's section.    Ballet Misha has also performed in benefit concerts to help raise money for local charities and non-profits.

Amy Fortier, Artistic Director

Amy Fortier received her earliest training with private instruction from Michele Leslie, a former ballerina with Dance Theatre of Harlem. Amy continued her training with the Boston Ballet on the professional track and received a scholarship to attend Walnut Hill School for the Arts, a boarding school for young artists in Natick, MA. Amy spent her summers at Boston Ballet, Walnut Hill, and the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. She graduated from Goucher College, Baltimore, MD with a triple concentration in Dance, English Literature, and Art History, where she received an award for her dancing. Amy was given lead roles in pieces choreographed by dancers from the NYC Ballet, Ballet Austen, Nashville Ballet, and the Pennsylvania Ballet. In 2003, Fortier received her Master's Degree in Literature and Art History from the University of London where she had a fellowship. In London, she continued training with dancers from the English National Ballet at London Dance Works. Recently Amy attended a pedagogical seminar at Alvin Ailey taught by Finis Jung.  Amy currently teaches Art History at SNHU and continues to perform in her dance company Ballet Misha.

Ballet Misha in the Community

In addition to performing with other organizations, Ballet Misha has also given free use of costumes, sets, and back drops to the Palace Theatre Youth Company, the Derryfield School Theatre program, and several other local schools for their stage productions. 

In the past four years, Ballet Misha has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarship money to promising young dancers to help them pursue their dreams of dance.  

Entry into Ballet Misha Performing Company is by Audition and if you are interested, please inquire at Dimensions In Dance at 668-4196.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to Ballet Misha, or in volunteering, please contact Dimensions in Dance at 668-4196, or e-mail

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Phone: 603-668-4196     -     84 Myrtle St, Manchester NH 03104   -   -   Webmaster

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Updated October 21, 2017